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This form reports the same non-salary income as 1040ES. Each partner must pay quarterly estimated income tax on his portion of the partnership's net income.
Forms to use  540-ES Worksheet and instructions
540-ES Payment Coupon
How often?   Quarterly payment requirement
Tax rates  1-12.3% partner's share of the partnership's net taxable income
How to complete the form 
Line  What to enter
1Adjusted gross income. Go back to IRS 1040ES and use the figure you calculated for line 1.
2To simplify this form, just use the standard deduction. You may overpay slightly. If you do, you will receive a refund when you file the annual return.
  • Single or married filing separately: $3,906
  • All others: $7,812
3Total income: line 1 minus line 2.
4Annual tax on line 3: Use the tax tables found here.
5For nonresidents (or partial year residents) only.
6 $108 times the number of adults plus $333 times the number of your dependents.
8Line 4 minus line 6.
9-17Unless you had tax credits on last year's tax return (for joint custody, dependent parent, head of household, etc.) or had installment interest income, skip lines 9 to 17.
18Total tax due: assuming that you had no credits, the same as line 7.
19Amount to avoid penalties. Enter either 90% of line 15 or 100% of last year's tax, whichever is less. Farmers, fishermen and people with income over $169,740, see the form for special instructions.
20Income tax that will be withheld during the year through payroll deductions on other jobs.
21Total tax that must be deposited with Form 540-ES this year (line 20 minus line 19).
22Divide line 21 by the number of quarterly due dates before next April 15th. For example, if it is June 2, divide by 3 (June 15, September 15, and January 15). Pay this amount this quarter.
Due date  April 15, June 15, September 15, January 15.
To pay  There are three payment options for shareholders:
  1. Pay online. To do this, each shareholder must first obtain a customer service number online. You will need your social security number and your gross wages (for California) from last year's tax return.
  2. Pay using a credit card at Official Payments Corporation at (800) 272-9829. For questions call (877) 754-4413 or visit
  3. Pay by check and 540-ES voucher to:
    Franchise Tax Board
    PO Box 942867
    Sacramento, CA 94267-0031
    Shareholders should keep the worksheet for their records.
Questions?  Call the California Franchise Tax Board (800) 852-5711. For forms, go to or call (800) 338-0505.
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